The Snapping Turtle Leather Co., LLC has taken a by-product in a traditional American food industry and transformed it into a genuine, beautiful, and usable new kind of leather for the fashion and leather crafting world.

Beautiful and dramatic results can be accomplished with our new leather options.

With the ability to be fashioned and used like leather, our leather product can be dyed in a variety of colors and the patterns are amazing and beautiful as well as functional. Although small, and irregular in size, Snapping Turtle Leather has a unique , rugged appearance unmatched by any other leather.


Only a short while ago, our leather would have never been put to use. This leather comes from a species know as “The Common Snapping Turtle”  (Chelydra serpentina). Harvested from the eastern half of the United States, it is used as a traditional American food source for soups & gumbos.

Conservation Minded

Our leather does not come from the more dramatic-looking Alligator Snapping Turtle (Macrochelys temminckii). The Alligator Snapping turtle lives predominantly in the southern US and Mexico. It is on conservation watch as a protected species.

Latest News

This exotic leather has unlimited possibilities and uses in fashion and leather crafting industries.

It’s texture and beauty are new and unique to the leather industry.

Bags, boots and garments now have another creative possibility.

Snapping Turtle Leather Swatches

Dyeable in a variety of colors and the patterns are amazing and beautiful.

Meet the founder – R. Scott Schoeniger President & Chief Development 

While our discovery was simply by chance we saw it’s potential. We have taken great measures to ensure an ethical approach to using a resource that hadn’t been developed yet.

Imagine the possibilities

We haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what could possibly be made with our leather, but we hope to see it beautifully crafted in new and unusual ways.

“It’s exciting that we are able to create a new product from this useful resource.”