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Each piece of our leather is quite individual and unique – as are individual snapping turtles. This leather is durable and long-lasting. We’re glad to assist you with leather selections that best suit your needs.


As you’ll see the shapes of each piece are unique. There are definite visible size differences. So far, our sizes are defined by a range of measurement. NEW! We now offer XX-Large in single and matched tails. The new XX-Large are xx-rare!  Large and Small sizes are more common.


An average Large tail has more than 175 square inches of leather, including those amazing scales that everyone likes. Tails include both back legs and are shaped like “batman” wings. The scale portion in all tails can range from 8” to 13” in length.  Tails can be used on a wide variety of projects – boots, shoes, sandals, holsters, knife sheaths, the sky is the limit.


Shoulders come in a variety of shapes. The average Large Shoulder has around 130 square inches of leather.  They include both front legs and neck in some cases.  Shoulders are a great source for projects like billfolds, belts and other accessories or as extra leather for custom boots.  NEW! We now offer special quality shoulders best used for wallets and belts.  Ask us for more information about this leather!

Matched tails for Boots & Shoes:

We offer hand-matched tails for boots and shoes.  Matches are rare and have to be done by hand.  Less than 30% of tails can be matched.  We also recommend a “boot set” for boot building which includes a pair of matched tails, plus two small or one x-large shoulder.  Vamps are often built with 3 pieces.  Contact us to talk more about the possibilities for matched tails.

We want your business, and your life, to be enhanced by the introduction of this new and rare leather to your designs. We’ll do our best to accommodate expectations and provide the best value possible as we move along in this new venture. We’ll work with you!  Contact us to learn more. Check out our Maker Gallery to see what our clients have already created with our unique Snapping Turtle Leather products.

SOURCE:  Our leather is 100% legally obtained in the U.S.  It is a by-product of the food industry.  Our tanning is also done in the U.S.  We are an American Company.

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